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Brannackia World Map

Welcome to Reserka's Version of the Brannackia World Map. This is an independent project from the Ministry of Roleplay and is only to document the world's canon as I, the mapper, see it. If you want to change your claim or be added PM me. Map claims don't have to be based on nations they can be regions or areas as well. Also, check out the Brannackia Dossier below where I put the basic info of each nation.

Maroon - The Empire of Germany - Revlona
Leader: Emperor Willhelm III
Member of the Union of Royals
Capital: Berlin
Population: 194,632,674
Government: -
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Duck Blue - Federal Republic of Reserka - Reserka
Leader: President Mikis Polidad
Member of the Union of Royals
Captial: Greenstone
Population: 42,424,938
Government: Unitarian Constitutional Presidental Republic
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Dark Blue- Grand Republic of York - Yorkistan
: Grand Mayor Ralph Hunter
Capital: Scarborough
Population: 131,039,357
Government: Republic
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Purple - Kingdom of Koscis - Koscis
Leader: Queen Liliana Delchev
Member of the Union of Royals
Captial: Belgrade
Population: 24,708,392
Government: Tanistry
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Gold - The Empire of Russia - Coltpower
Member of the Union of Royals

Dark Green - Republic of Bonia - Bonia (Reserka)
Leader: President Lorkic Mostov
Captial: Bluerock
Population: 5,334,928
Government: Federal Constitutional Presidental Republic
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Dark Green - Republic of Alexanderos - Alexanderos (Reserka)
Leader: President Denis Yorik
Captial: Honor Hall
Population: 4,019,442
Government: Federal Constitutional Presidental Republic
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Dark Green- The Constitutional Monarchy of Nernia - Nernia
Leader: His Serene Highness Hamish Yymnlaq
Capital: Trums°°
Population: 1,567,351
Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Light Green - The People's Republic of Tynteni- Tynteni
Leader: President Ajax Myron
Capital: Tynte
Population: 9,093,313
Government: Republic

Light Blue- The Empire of Korea - Jalamania
Leader: Queen Park Sang-Hyo-King Syu IV
Founder of the Union of Royals
Capital: Seoul
Population: 620,249,143
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
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Navy Blue - The Kingdom of Tropicville - Tropicville
Leader: King Ezra Kaya
Member of the Union of Royals
Captial: Bali
Population: 601,354,711
Government: Absolute Monarchy
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Liberty Blue - State of the Shia Republic - Shia republic
[i]Leader: President Hanniyah Khayat
Captial: Karbala
Population: 131,461,009
Government: Constitutional Democracy, Non-secular Republic

Green - Republic of Azanaire - Azanaire
Leader: President A˝uli Temitope
Capital: Johannesburg
Population: 289,747,193
Government: Federal secular democratic Republic
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North America
Blue - Pacisic States of America - Pacific-states of america -
Leader: James Emerson
Capital: San Fransisco
Population: --
Government: Federal Constitutional Republic
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Dark Pink - The Wyandot Tribe - Wyandot Tribe
Leader: James Emerson
Capital: Wissaundustee
Population: 10,002,003
Government: Tribal Federation
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Green - Free Land of Cold - Cold (Tropicville)
Leader: President Jim Goldman
Capital: Vancouver
Population: 12,456,078
Government: Presidential Republic
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Sky Blue - The IWAMA National State of New Boniza - New boniza
Leader: President Reagan Mowry
Capital: Toronto
Population: 39,133,423
Government: Economical Dictatorship

Maroon- The German Colony of Panama - Revlona

Navy Blue - Tropic State of the Lemon Coast - Tropicville

Purple - Republic of Forestia - New forestia (Jalamania)
Leader: - Premier Amil Cardinal
Capital: - Columbia
Population: -
Government: - Republic
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Red - Federal Socialist Republic of Izbien - Izbien (Reserka)
Leader: George Delvito
Capital: Izbien
Population: 36.5 Million
Government: Syndicalist Federal Constitutional Presidenial Republic
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Dark Blue - York Republic of Pennsylvania - Yorkistan

Dark Blue- York Republic of Jamaica - Yorkistan

South America
Brown - The Federitive Republic of Brazil - NPC
Leader: President Leandro Carvalho
Capital: Salvador
Population: 70 Million
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

Beige Empire of Ornithar - Intellectual beauty
Leader: Emperor Herman Reinmark III
Population: 98 Million