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Second Concordat of Brannackia


We establish this document in order to create and establish a well-meaning peace; to establish order and instruction which will protect the region from invaders, maintain the roleplay, and offer democracy for the citizens to be able to grow in their own leadership and voice their concerns to the general order of the region as a whole.

It is to this end that we establish the Second Concordat of Brannackia.

Article 1 - Executive

Section 1
We hereby establish the executive branch as the representatives of the region to both external and internal forces. The executive branch will comprise the President, the Speaker, and all other ministries created. These roles together will maintain interregional and intraregional diplomacy, maintain the regions RP as moderators, be responsible for recruitment, and all other facets the other ministries may have. All positions were able to be able to use powers in the pursuit of their end and goal of the before mentioned. It should be known and established that any nation found using their powers in pursuit of self-interest and for the benefit of themselves or their own end should be in violation of the promise of their position.

Section 2
We hereby establish the role of President. The President will serve a term no longer than three months and will be elected by a ranked-choice vote by the citizens. The President is the head of state and will act as the foreign ambassador to the region, head of the regional military, head of recruitment efforts, maintainer of embassies, head of all related ministries, and out-of-character regional affairs. The President must be impartial and thus must not be of any political organization or party.

We hereby establish the role of Speaker. The Speaker will serve a term no longer than 1 month and will be elected by a ranked-choice vote by the citizens. The Speaker is the head of the government and will act as the chief enforcer of regional law, the head of roleplay moderation, head of all related ministries, and in character regional affairs. The Speaker is allowed to be of a political organization or party.
These two offices will be held separate in their responsibilities and any interference between the two roles responsible by the others is considered against the promise of their office.

We hereby establish the role of Minister of Roleplay. The Minister of Roleplay will be the chief moderator in regional roleplay. This position will be appointed by the Speaker and approved by the Assembly. The Roleplay moderator may then appoint other moderators to their position as needed.

We hereby establish the role of the Minister of Recruitment. The Minister of Recruitment will be the chief recruiter for the region. This position will be appointed by the President and approved by the Assembly.

We hereby give the power to establish new ministries to the President and Speaker if it related to their responsibilities and approved by the Assembly

Article 2 - Assembly

Section 1
We hereby establish the Assembly. The Assembly is the chief legislative body of the region responsible for making and passing laws that are to the following reasonings: maintain or improve RP, create new opportunities for players, give new ministries to the executive branch, protect the region from raiders, declare war, make peace, approve inter-region treaties, or regulate the intra-region organization such as parties.
An Assembly will be made of an odd number of members based on the population of the region. The size of the Assembly will be no less than 3 members, or Representatives. This number of seats will be decided by Justice, but will always be an odd number.

The Election of the members of Assembly will be every month alongside the Speakerís election.
If in an election there aren't enough people running to fill the minimum amount required of 3 then the Speaker will have a tie-breaking vote for the even number Assembly

Section 2
To pass a law the Assembly must have a quorum of at least half of its members to be able to vote. If half of its members present the law it may be passed if a majority of 51% is made to agree with the bill. The Speaker will then have the option of vetoing the bill.

If it should come to pass that the Speaker and the Assembly disagree after the veto. A public vote will be held on the bill to see if it will pass. If the majority of the citizens vote to have it pass then it will be law.
Laws may be repealed and amended by the same process.

The Assembly can dissolve themselves with a ⅔ and schedule a new election in a timely manner as decided by the Judge.Ē

Article 3 - Judiciary
A Judge will be appointed to the position by the President and confirmed by the Assembly.
The Judge is the ultimate judge of all legal matters. The Judge canít be a member of a political party nor be in any other office. Every month they will be confirmed by the public in a vote if the majority of the public votes that the Judge is unfit to serve they will be removed from office and be unable to be appointed as a judge again.

The Judge will be required to post all reasoning for rulings and must not act on favoritism or corruption doing so is liable for public recall if the public votes so

Article 4 - Citizenship
Citizenship is established to be any member that is a WA member that is within the region. A non-WA member can be made a citizen with approval of the Speaker if their WA nation is not within the region and said WA nation confirms with the Speaker their intent and meaning. The Citizen then will have the same rights as any other citizen.

Citizens have the following rights if shown not to be raiders and any government figure or law may infringe on these rights:

Right to free speech

Right to form political organizations: such as parties that will be defined as political organizations that work to elect their own members into office.

Right to play without harassment

Right to propose ideas to the Parliament.

Right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of no more or less than 3 citizens picked by the random. If any of the 3 jurors would be inactive upon selection for a period of 2 weeks another one will be selected randomly. If the Justice be on trial or unavailable the responsibility shall fall to the President and then to the Speaker

Citizens have the following duties to perform, failure to do so will result in said citizen potentially losing their citizenship.

1. To endorse the current Speaker so they shall be able to properly carry out their duties.
2. Be Loyal to Brannackia

Article 5 - Recall
Under the clause of the giving greater power of the citizens to the region, we hereby give these powers of preventing tyranny into being.
1- It shall be the law that all the elected and appointed positions may be recalled by a ⅔ majority of the citizenry with a recall vote, with the position being filled in a special election until whose term will last until the end of the term of the person who was removed, but maybe lengthened only to the next term to meet with election schedules if the Justice sees fit.
2- It is to be put into law that any law agreed upon by the citizenry may veto a bill if a ⅔ majority of them agree to do such. If no vote happens it should be assumed that it has passed.Ē

Article 5 - Amendment

With the full approval of the Council and the majority of the residency of the region from a poll lasting 48 hours, an amendment, addition, or change to the Concordat can be made.

Article 6 - Ratification
To ratify this new document a majority of the regionís WA must approve in a regional poll lasting two days as well as the approval of Revlona.