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Roleplay & Technology Rules

Roleplay & Technology Rules

All nations participating in the regional role play must adhere to these rules.

Background & Getting Started

Welcome to THTHI! Our roleplay is centered around our planet, Kalrania! In order to hop in, you must request a map spot. Contact Antekuna via telegram or discord, they will get your territory set up. This is explained in detail in the dispatch below.

Requesting a Map Spot
Before you may begin RPing in THTHI, you must first be placed on the region's map. This dispatch is designed to walk newcomers through that process, as well as answer some potential questions they may have.

Map Request Rules

Despite there being an entire dispatch dedicated to it, the actual process of submitting a map request is rather simple and shouldn't take much time. However, it's important to remember a few key rules:

  • You may claim either one or two map tiles.

  • If you claim two map tiles, they must either be connecting or have coastlines that are nearby each other.

  • It is forbidden to have more than one nation controlled by a single player on the map. If you wish to RP as a new nation, you must first have your old nation removed from the map.

Submitting a Map Request

There are two main ways to submit a map request:

You may either:

  • Send the region's Cartographer (currently Antekuna) a telegram disclosing your requested map location.


  • Join THTHI's Discord and claim your desired land in the aptly named #map-requests channel.

While the first option doesn't require leaving the comforts of NationStates, the second will guarantee you a quicker response time and is more convenient if you are already a part of THTHI's Discord (which if you haven't yet joined, I recommend you do)

Once your request is submitted and the Cartographer has added you to the map, you may begin RPing.


Question 1: My nation was removed from the map! Why is that?

Answer: Our region has an inactivity policy. If you fail to write an RP post in 15 days, your nation is removed from the map. Don't worry about being removed without notice, though; we do our best to notify nations a day or two before they reach that point.

Question 2: I just finished winning a war with my neighbor and want to take some land from them as part of the treaty, can you add it to my nation?

Answer: That depends. Annexation is currently allowed, but only under specific circumstances.

Question 3: I'm no longer happy with my map spot and want to move somewhere else. Can I?

Answer: Of course, you are free to submit a new map request to relocate your territory. You cannot, however, relocate while at war with another nation, as that could be abused by those looking to foil an enemy invasion or assist an allied one.

Question 4: I requested that my nation have a custom name and it was rejected. Why?

Answer: Nations are listed on the map the same as they are on NationStates. This is done to make it easier for both role players and roleplay moderators to identify who is who.

Political Map

Diplomatic Map


TNL: Members of The Nationalist League
INT: Members of The Kalranian Internationale
WMP: Members of the West Marlandor Pact
The Accord: Members of The Accord
KF: Members of the Kalranian Federation
LoT: Members of the League of Tyranny
Nonaligned: Nations who have either pledged neutrality or have yet to choose a faction

Oceanic Map

Dispatch authored by Antekuna and revised by Kuriko
Read dispatch

Now here are some facts about Kalrania.

• 7 IRL Days = 1 RP Year. LinkClick here for the Current RP Date.

• Kalrania has a diameter of 19113 Kilometers. (1.5x Earth's Diameter)

Expected Conduct

• No spamming, flaming, name calling, or baiting.

• RP posts are the equivalent of your nation speaking, keep the posts official and mature.

• RP Posts should avoid explicit references to real-life entities. We are on Kalrania, not Earth.

• Nations may set their RP population to any number equal to, or lower than their NS population. Nations may not set their RP population to any number greater than their NS population.


• No God-modding, all RP actions must be carried out with time for nations to react to your posts. For example; assassinating another nations' leader is fine, but you need their permission first. Legions of tanks and airplanes should not descend upon your enemies without warning. Post something that signals your intent.

• Other Examples of God-modding include

• Saying what happens to others. "I just killed 500 of your troops!"

• Refusing to take losses or lose. Ever. "Oh, well, my soldiers had personal forcefields so none of them were actually hurt. "
(This is Godmodding, because the situation will degenerate into a petty squabble over who hit who. RP Intelligently.)

• Irresponsible/Unfair Tech Use Tech should be used to enhance the roleplay, it should not detract from anyone's enjoyment. No seal-clubbing. Follow Technology Rules (Explained Below.)

• Excessive Army Size. Self-Explanatory. Avoid throwing millions upon millions of soldiers around as if they were small ants- soldiers are people. Troop counts must not exceed your nations' troop limit, which is explained below.

• Very Fast Military Units. Kalrania is a big place. Troops take time (multiple posts) travelling anywhere. Forces cannot appear out of thin air, or "instapop" out to where an opponent is.


• Fluffing is not allowed in the RMB RP, some forms may include;

• Troop Fluffing - The use of insane, immensely large troop numbers without also RP'ing the implications of such numbers on your own nation's economy, workforce, logistics, etc. (If you want to use big, multi-million man armies, you are also going to have to deal with big problems that come with that.)

• Money Fluffing - The use or spending of ridiculous amounts of your national currency without exploring the economic RP implications of such an action. (Yes, I also want to spend 3 trillion moneymarks on super-projects, but such an action comes with consequences.)

• Stealth Fluffing - Stealthy units are harder to detect, they are not invisible. Utilizing a force made up entirely of stealth units makes them neither invisible, nor cost effective. Using stealth units as a means to render your forces invisible is both Stealth Fluffing as well as Godmodding.

• Tech/Magic Fluffing - Technology or magic that is legal under the Technology Rules, but still allocates an absurd or unfair advantage to your nation is Tech/Magic Fluffing. If your technology or magic allows you to, among other things, ignore any damage or incoming fire from enemy forces it is both Tech/Magic Fluffing and Godmodding.

• Alliance Fluffing - Claiming to have an alliance with any nation(s), without having proper RP Posts to back it up. Alliances, Defensive Pacts, Etc. must have a charter document, and must be listed as an official alliance. Additionally, nations cannot utilize the forces of other alliance/union members unless a clearly-defined force has been explicitly placed under their command.

Post Formatting

• All RP posts must be styled, with "RP" bold at the top, followed by the title of your post, which should indicate what the post is about. All RP Posts should be done in-character (as your nation). When in RP, you are no longer you, you are your nation. Like the following:

RP: This post will concern the proper way of formatting RP posts

Candensia would like to take the time to show other nations how to format their posts. This is an example of how to do so. We would appreciate it if other nations formatted their RP posts like so. Thank you.

• Out of roleplay posts are to be titled "OOC" (Out of Character) or "OORP" (Out of Role Play). You may refer to yourself in OOC posts. Like this:


Hey! Isn't talking out of character fun? I certainly think so!


• Custom technology is allowed.

• A dispatch/ factbook is to be written for any custom tech, explaining its strengths, weaknesses, and uses.

• All technologies must adhere to Technology Rules.

Military Sizes and War Resolution

• All military sizes will be determined by stats from the following calculation.

•Your Population times 0.62, times 0.12

    So if Candensia has a population of 1 billion, Candensia would multiply their population by 0.62, and then multiply that number by 0.12

    1 Billion times 0.62 is 620 Million

    620 Million times 0.12 is 74.4 Million.

• The Result of that calculation will then be multiplied by 0.25, 0.33, or 0.40, depending on the nations' population

    • Nations with a population of 5 Million to 999 Million will multiply their answer by 0.40

    • Nations with a population of 1 Billion to 2.99 Billion will multiply their answer by 0.33

    • Nations with a population of over 3 Billion will multiply their answer by 0.25

So Candensia will multiply their answer, 74.4 Million, by 0.33, since Candensia has a population of 1 Billion.

74.4 Million times 0.33 is 24.5 Million. Therefore, Candensia has a military size of 24.5 Million.

• Federations/Unions are not allowed to use their combined population to calculate military size, it must be done per nation.

• All military weapons, units, and technologies must adhere to Technology Rules.

• Wars must be declared under some sort of pretense (i.e. there must be a legitamate, sensible reason)
Annexation is currently allowed under certain circumstances, which are listed in the dispatch below.

Annexation Rules

These regulations detail annexation in the RMB RP.

Province Annexation Eligibility

Let's begin by detailing which provinces can be annexed, and which cannot.


• The province is owned by a nation. (Cannot annex an unclaimed province.)

• The province is owned by a nation with a size greater than one province.

• The province is directly adjacent to your nation's original map claims. (Your original 1, or 2 tiles.)

With these conditions in place, the restrictions below on annexation are active.


• The province is NOT claimed by a nation.

• The province IS held by a 1-province nation.

• The province is NOT directly adjacent to your nation's original map claims (Your original 1, or 2 tiles.)

These restrictions have the following implications below on certain nations.

Because of the restrictions listed above, the following are always true.

• Nations which do not border any other nation CANNOT annex land, and CANNOT be annexed.

• Nations surrounded only by water CANNOT annex land, and CANNOT be annexed.

• 1-province nations CANNOT be annexed.

Roleplay Protocol

Okay. Now that province eligibility has been defined, let us examine the standard procedure for any nations looking to annex territory.

Nations looking to annex territory must;

• Ensure the target province is eligible to be annexed.

• Justify a conflict, wherein the target province is linked to a believable justification and wargoal, as it relates to the conflict. (We can't have a war start over trade tensions, and then suddenly start demanding territory, that's nonsensical, or more specifically, unjustifiable.)

• Successfully secure a peace treaty, wherin the target province is ceded to your nation. (This will be overseen by RP Moderators, and the transfer is not official unless approved by RP Moderation.

• 1-province nations CANNOT be annexed.

There are additional things that must be kept in mind.

Nations who declare a war in order to gain territory must;

• Be clear, and obvious with your intentions. If your intent is to gain territory, then it must be clear, compatible and justifiable with the conflict.

• Be aware that declaring a war in order to gain territory opens up your nation to the risk of annexation along the contested border IF the contested provinces are annex eligible. (If you lose your war, the defender can demand annex-eligible land).

• Know that only the principal belligerents can annex or lose land. (Allies that are called into a war cannot gain or lose territory.)

• Remember that nations are allowed to annex only ONE province per war.

War Resolution

Upon the conclusion of a war, wherin provinces are at risk of annexation, the following things will happen.

Nations must;

• Draw up a peace treaty, wherin the the concerned provices are explicitly ceded to their respective nations.

• Subject the peace treaty, as well as the entire war to review by RP Moderation, to ensure the peace treaty is fair to both sides, and that the war was justifiable, legal, and fair.

• Know that territory changes are not official unless approved by RP Moderation, and is in accordance with all other RP Rules.

It also important to remember the following rules.

•Annexation by any other means than warfare is NOT LEGAL, except instances approved on a case-by-case basis by RP Moderation. (Selling/Trading Provinces, Annexation as a result of ultimatums.)

•"Puppetting" nations, or sections of nations as a result of a peace treaty is NOT LEGAL, except instances approved on a case-by-case basis by RP Moderation

•Forced vassalization of nations as a result of a peace treaty is NOT LEGAL, except instances approved on a case-by-case basis by RP Moderation.

Read dispatch

• Peace treaties must be fair to both nations. The end result must be fair, and this aspect will be overseen by RP Moderators.

• Nations engaged as an aggressor in an offensive war must wait 2 RP years (14 IRL Days) before declaring subsequent offensive wars.

Roleplay Moderation

Roleplay Moderators watch over the regional roleplay to ensure it maintains a safe, fair, and welcoming environment. They will void any roleplay posts that do not adhere to this standard. All nations are obligated to comply with any requests from Moderator. Be nice to them, they are volunteers, and they don't (usually) bite. If you have any questions, flag a Moderator down by sending them a telegram or a message on discord.

Current Moderators

Terra Voltera (Also our founder)



Rumanian States

Evve Terre



Technology Rules

This is a short guideline regarding role play technology in this region, the following rules (and moderators) are there to ensure technology used by nations in this region are practical and feasible as well as not overpowered. Nationstates Issues are not applicable in the regional RP, the choices you make on them do not affect your nation RP-wise.

Regarding weapons of mass destruction:

ALL WMD's ARE BANNED. This may include, but is not limited to the following;

• Nuclear Weapons

• "Futuristic" WMD’s

• Chemical Weapons

• Bio-Weapons

• Magical Superweapons

RP Moderators reserve the right to declare ANY technology, or derivative thereof illegal, in order to promote RP stability, fairness, realism, or for other reasons laid out in the Roleplay Moderation section of the RP Rules.

Other than that have fun and express your creativity, and consult RP Mods if you have any questions!

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