by Max Barry

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The Kingdom of
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The Lost Kingdom

Long ago, in a kingdom hidden in the mountains, ruled by a lovely princess. She possessed a magical power that brought wealth, glory, and peace to her kingdom.

One day, the Battenian King sought to court the beautiful princess. But was refused, seeing how corrupt his kingdom is.

This brought rage to the king. He sent his huge army and ambushed her kingdom. Slaughtering millions of lives.

The princess couldn't bear the suffering of her people any longer. She saved a few hundred citizens and hid them in the mountains. She also trust them with whatever treasure, knowledge, and historical files they had left. She then sealed them in with her magic. Never to be heard from again.

She and the last of her men surrendered to the Battenian King, who celebrated his victory with feasts and banquets. Despite losing everything, the princess still swore to have her revenge and would not rest until his kingdom was divided.

Her prayer was answered when she gave birth to triplets. 3 boys that grew to be fully capable to rule. She then had another child, a girl, who was as smart and wise as her brothers.

This caused the entire Battenian kingdom divided into four. The eldest took the north. The second took the east. The third took the west. And the girl too the south.

The search for lost kingdom still continues till today. With each kingdom on the race to find the lost treasures and knowledge of the magic that once exsisted. Old prophecies state that only one will claim the price, earning their place as the leader of them all.

The Kingdom of Northbatten