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Kattar and Katasia: Sister regions!

Long ago in the mists of time, Kattar was invaded and Audrey Katgan and her plucky band exiled from their home region. (This was before the all-powerful avatars, called Founders, came to Nationstates.) With no place to lay their weary heads, they wandered until her constant companion, Carterway, claimed the area now known as Katasia.

Resting there, Katganistan pleaded with the great Mods, praying long and hard, adding her angry and saddened prayers to those of others similarly harassed. Lo, and behold, some weeks later the powerful Founders came into existence, and quickly, she performed sacrifices and rituals which bound Kattar's fate and hers.

Kattar has not forgotten the generosity and care that the people of Katasia extended... and she has kept in contact with the eldest natives of her sister region.